MOCET Communicators series
Superior audio quality, comfort and privacy with the HD handset Tuned stereo speaker system for more enjoyable music and movies
Charge both your iPad and mobile phone at the same time Amazing experience with thousands of social media and communications apps
View in comfort with the adjustable stand (30° to 75°) Use the Communicator in conference room or group settings with the optional IP-MIC

MOCET Communicators series is an innovative Pad/Smartphone dock that can significantly improve comfort, quality and privacy of Pad/Smartphone when making VoIP calls, talking with voice Apps or enjoying video & audio entertainment. It is to offer users a plug-n-play easy-use HD high quality audio dock, and suitable for business or home-use.

About businese use , please download the datasheet MOCET Mobile Video Conference.

Make a VoIP / VoIP phone call

Make a phone call with your family and friend. How simple to use the Communicator?

  • Just power on the communicator, and then plug in the iPad.
  • Run the voice app like of iPad
  • Use the key on the front panel of Communicator to switch audio path between handset, headset and speakerphone.

Build wireless phone system at home

  • Use hands-free mode to talk with your parents
  • Talk with your friend in the bedroom with a DECT handset.
  • Work at a small home office and listen to the voicemail box that your customer left

Do a video conference

  • Connect Air Play/Google Chromecast to your pad/smartphone
  • Connect microphone IP-MIC and speaker IP-SPKR for bigger conference room